Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's Your Thoughts on the Upcoming iPhone5?

  I work in the wireless industry and the introduction of the Smartphone has caused the use of wireless data traffic to go thru the roof. It al started with the introduction of the iPhone 3G (on AT&T's network) and the introduction of several Android Smartphones (on Verizon Wireless' -VZW network). I've got plenty to say about all this, but for this particular thread, I want to hear wht your thoughts are on the upcoming iPhone5, rumors, what it will entail, when it will come out, ... 
   I've met with Apple several times on the business front and they are like a vault. I mean, they tell you nothing of their plans. So even if I wanted to break all kinds of NDA's and professional ethics rules, (which I never would), I have no info to share even if I wanted to.

Here's my thoughts:

I believe the iPhone5 will be introduced by Apple this fall (either September or October). Apple is very secretive about their plans. The big question everyone has is whether or not the iPhone5 will contain the 4G technology that Verizon has commercially deployed. My thoughts on this is absolutely not. My guess is we won't see an LTE-based iPhones until sometime in the early part of 2012. I believe the one they will launch in the fall will still be 3G (EVDO RevA for VZW and HSDPA for AT&T). Being a VZW subscriber myself, I'll focus more on them at this point. I think the VZW iPhone5 will be a global phone, meaning it will contain both CDMA and GSM/GPRS, meaning it will be usable in many countries throughout the world. This is one major lacking point on the current iPhone4. It has no global capability for the most part, so if you do alot of international travel, this phone is not the right one for you.

Aside from that, I'm sure there will be several other improvements, probably better quality cameras (both front and back) and a wider screen (edge to edge).

I'm waiting patiently for the iPhone5 as my current Blackberry Storm, a good email device I've been using for years, is on its last legs. I just need it to hold on for a few more months and I will convert to the iPhone5.

So those are my thoughts. I'm interested to hear what you have to say. Please post a response to this blog with your comments.



  1. I think that the IPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixel camera with 1080 p video recording capabilities no LTE capabilities because there have been no LTE tests with apple but I think the iPhone 5 will be Ana mazing device

  2. Totally agree with Doubleklm. I think we won't see an LTE-based iphone until sometime in 2012. This year's version will still be 3G, which is still a good thing, especially if they add global support.

  3. Sprint announcing they will offer the iPhone5 this October makes for an interesting scenario. VZW and AT&T have already capped usage, while Sprint still has unlimited data plans. If you're a consumer and I can get an iPhone with a data cap versus and iPhone with unlimited data, I would think people will go the "unlimited" route. A pretty good strategy for Sprint to compete with their larger competitors. The next question will be, can Sprint's network handle the additional traffic. For several years, Sprint had really neglected their CDMA network, focusing totally on WiMAX. As of late, they have started putting money back into their CDMA infrastructure. That being said, the network is definitely improving, so I guess they are thinking, bring on the iPhone!!!!

  4. Come on Apple and launch the iphone5. My Blackerry is hanging on by a thread so i desparately need a new phone. Come on iPhone5!!!

  5. October 4rth seems to be the magical date. Not sure if that's both VZW and Sprint. Rumor has it that Sprint has a big event planned for 10/7 wihch should have something to do with the iPhone5.

  6. Iphone4s - not the name we thought but still a good looking device!

  7. iphone4S - ios5 - siri - icloud

    too much excitment for one week!!! Keep it coming Apple!!!!

  8. Siri is awesome!! I don't have my own yet but my son demonstrated it to me on his new iphone4S. I can see how it's going to come in handy for me once I get my own 4S. The camera was also of good quality.

  9. Who needs an iphone5? The 4S is awesome!!